Southeast Asia Holidays

Upcoming Sailings

Sailing DateTall ShipNightsItineraryEmbark-DisembarkRates from
12-Sep-20Star Clipper10Borneo EastboundSingapore - Kota Kinabalu£2,045
22-Sep-20Star Clipper11Borneo WestboundKota Kinabalu - Singapore£2,245
3-Oct-20Star Clipper7Singapore - Ko SamuiSingapore - Ko Samui£1,430
10-Oct-20Star Clipper11Ko Samui - Ko SamuiKo Samui - Ko Samui£2,245
21-Oct-20Star Clipper10Ko Samui - Ko SamuiKo Samui - Ko Samui£2,045
31-Oct-20Star Clipper6Ko Samui – SingaporeKo Samui - Singapore£1,225
6-Nov-20Star Clipper8Singapore – PhuketSingapore - Phuket£1,635
14-Nov-20Star Clipper7NorthernPhuket - Phuket£1,430
21-Nov-20Star Clipper77-Night Phuket – SingaporePhuket - Singapore£1,430
28-Nov-20Star Clipper77-Night Singapore – PhuketSingapore - Phuket£1,430
5-Dec-20Star Clipper7SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,325
12-Dec-20Star Clipper7NorthernPhuket - Phuket£1,325
19-Dec-20Star Clipper7Christmas CruisePhuket - Singapore£1,430
26-Dec-20Star Clipper7New Year CruiseSingapore - Phuket£1,500
02-Jan-21Star Clipper7SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,325
9-Jan-21Star Clipper7NorthernPhuket - Phuket£1,325
16-Jan-21Star Clipper7SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,430
23-Jan-21Star Clipper7NorthernPhuket - Phuket£1,430
30-Jan-21Star Clipper7SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,430
6-Feb-21Star Clipper88-Night Phuket – SingaporePhuket - Singapore£1,635
14-Feb-21Star Clipper77-Night Singapore – PhuketSingapore - Phuket£1,430
21-Feb-21Star Clipper66-Night SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,225
27-Feb-21Star Clipper7NorthernPhuket - Phuket£1,430
6-Mar-21Star Clipper7SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,430
13-Mar-21Star Clipper7NorthernPhuket - Phuket£1,430
20-Mar-21Star Clipper7SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,430
27-March-21Star Clipper77-Night Phuket – SingaporePhuket - Singapore£1,430
3-April-21Star Clipper7Singapore - Ko SamuiSingapore - Ko Samui£1,465
10-Apr-21Star Clipper1111 Nights Ko Samui roundtripKo Samui - Ko Samui£2,300
21-Apr-21Star Clipper1010 Nights Ko Samui roundtripKo Samui - Ko Samui£2,095
1-May-21Star Clipper7Ko Samui - SingaporeKo Samui - Singapore£1,465
8-May-21Star Clipper10Borneo EastboundSingapore - Kota Kinabalu£2,095
18-May-21Star Clipper11Borneo WestboundKota Kinabalu - Singapore£2,300
29-May-21Star Clipper14Crossing: Singapore - BaliSingapore - Bali£2,930
12-Jun-21Star Clipper7Eastbound Bali - BaliBali - Bali£1,465
19-Jun-21Star Clipper7Eastbound Bali - BaliBali - Bali£1,465
26-Jun-21Star Clipper7Westbound Bali - BaliBali - Bali£1,465
3-Jul-21Star Clipper7Eastbound Bali - BaliBali - Bali£1,465
10-Jul-21Star Clipper7Eastbound Bali - BaliBali - Bali£1,465
17-Jul-21Star Clipper7Westbound Bali - BaliBali - Bali£1,465
24-Jul-21Star Clipper7Eastbound Bali - BaliBali - Bali£1,465
31-Jul-21Star Clipper7Eastbound Bali - BaliBali - Bali£1,465
7-Aug-21Star Clipper7Westbound Bali - BaliBali - Bali£1,465
14-Aug-21Star Clipper7Eastbound Bali - BaliBali - Bali£1,465
21-Aug-21Star Clipper7Eastbound Bali - BaliBali - Bali£1,465
28-Aug-21Star Clipper14Crossing: Bali - SingaporeBali - Singapore£2,930
11-Sep-21Star Clipper10Borneo EastboundSingapore - Kota Kinabalu£2,095
21-Sep-21Star Clipper11Borneo WestboundKota Kinabalu - Singapore£2,300
2-Oct-21Star Clipper7Singapore - Ko SamuiSingapore - Ko Samui£1,465
9-Oct-21Star Clipper1111 Nights Ko Samui roundtripKo Samui - Ko Samui£2,300
20-Oct-21Star Clipper1010 Nights Ko Samui roundtripKo Samui - Ko Samui£2,095
30-Oct-21Star Clipper7Ko Samui - SingaporeKo Samui - Singapore£1,465
6-Nov-21Star Clipper7Singapore - PhuketSingapore - Phuket£1,465
13-Nov-21Star Clipper7NorthernPhuket - Phuket£1,465
20-Nov-21Star Clipper7Phuket - SingaporePhuket - Singapore£1,465
27-Nov-21Star Clipper7Singapore - PhuketSingapore - Phuket£1,465
4-Dec-21Star Clipper7SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,360
11-Dec-21Star Clipper7NorthernPhuket - Phuket£1,360
18-Dec-21Star Clipper8Phuket – Singapore Christmas SailingPhuket - Singapore£1,675
26-Dec-21Star Clipper7Singapore - Phuket New Years SailingSingapore - Phuket£1,535
2-Jan-22Star Clipper66-Night SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,165
8-Jan-22Star Clipper7NorthernPhuket - Phuket£1,360
15-Jan-22Star Clipper7SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,465
22-Jan-22Star Clipper7NorthernPhuket - Phuket£1,465
29-Jan-22Star Clipper7SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,465
5-Feb-22Star Clipper7Phuket - SingaporePhuket - Singapore£1,465
12-Feb-22Star Clipper7Singapore - PhuketSingapore - Phuket£1,465
19 February 2022Star Clipper7SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,465
26 February 2022Star Clipper7NorthernPhuket - Phuket£1,465
05 March 2022Star Clipper7SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,465
12 March 2022Star Clipper7NorthernPhuket - Phuket£1,465
19 March 2022Star Clipper7SouthernPhuket - Phuket£1,465
For full details on any itinerary featured above, please contact our team on 01954 232 802 or who will guide you through the details.

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More information about Southeast Asia Holidays

Oriental Thailand

After 6 year break Star Clippers return to its favorite sailings in Thailand, in and out of Phuket, exploring the pristine white sandy beaches of the region, some little ports of the Andaman Sea and the distinctive Phang Nga Bay and continue along the western coast of Malaysia, via Penang or Langkawi, to UNESCO listed Malacca city, before reaching cosmopolitan „powerhouse” Singapore.

Oriental Indonesia

Indonesia is proud of the world’s second highest level of biodiversity and a vast array of amazing natural wonders. The diversity of the country extended to its colourful culture from many different sub-races, and also its wonderful culinary delights as well as its artistic cultural heritage. The tiny Hindu island of Bali is located between Java and the island groups of Nusa Tenggara (famous for its Komodo Island). Bali remains one of the most harmonious as Balinese people are dedicated to maintain harmony in their livelihood that is delicately sensitive, precious and refined with its sparkling rice terraces, majestic volcanos and deep ravines.

NEW for Summer 2017, Star Clipper will sail to this ”heaven on earth”, operating numerous incredible itineraries exploring the islands of the Indonesian archipelago. These voyages deliver vibrant cultural and natural experiences including the awe-inspiring Mount Bromo volcano, the salt lake of Satonda, the UNESCO listed Borobudur Temple at Semarang, the traditional Retenggaro village on Sumba island, the mysterious dragons of Komodo and the beautiful plages of Gili islands

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