In 2008, the archipelago’s officially named as Langkawi Permata Kedah (Langkawi, the Jewel of Kedah), inspired by its natural heritage (rich flora and fauna). Away from the main beaches you can encounter the idyllic rural Malaysia, with traditional villages(kampung) and a laid-back spirit.

With an island tour through rice paddies and rubber plantations , discover the tales that surround beautiful Langkawi or take a jungle treck and kayaking.


The island’s real attraction lies in its culture, history and cuisine. Penang is one of the most developed islands of Malaysia, often called“Pearl of the Orient”.

Georgetown, the World Heritage-listed capital is the island’s main highlight where you encounter a beautiful blend of interesting architecture from the British era  to the colourful multicultural present, diverse ethnics, bustling shopping, great museums, array of temples and fabulous cuisines with local specialities. Its  strategic crossroad at the northern entrance of the Straits of Melacca  gained its reputation amongst  seafarers and pirates for centuaries. British, French, Dutch, Portuguese explorers and sailors influenced the region.


Malacca city is located at the gate of the Strait of Melacca, between Kuala Lumpur and Singapore, on an important trading route that links the Pacific and Indian oceans, hence it has became a significant cultural and commercial hub for centuries.

Malacca often referred to the Spice Trade as the two are inseparably associated.

It was a key playground” for westerners to control the Malaccan Straits in order to benefit from the precious treasures of the Orient, its spices. Control has changed hands many times. The Portuguese, the Dutch and the British ruled Malacca at one time or another leaving theit „footprints” in the city, including temples and churches, fortresses and historic buidings in the old quarter which has been carefully preserved as museums

Today, Malacca is a modern city with rich history and heritage hence listed as a UNESCO site.

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