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Upcoming Sailings

Sailing DateTall ShipNightsItineraryEmbark-DisembarkRates from
16-Nov-16Royal Clipper7St. Marteen - BarbadosSt. Maarten - Barbados£1,435
03-Dec-16Royal Clipper14Aruba, Bonaire & CuracaoBarbados - Barbados£2,595
04-Dec-16Star Flyer7Treasure IslandsSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,185
11-Dec-16Star Flyer7Leeward IslandsSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,185
17-Dec-16Royal Clipper10BVI - ChristmasBarbados - Barbados£2,050
18-Dec-16Star Flyer9Christmas SailingSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,660
27-Dec-16Royal Clipper11BVI - New YearBarbados - Barbados£2,420
27-Dec-16Star Flyer11Caribbean Crossing Ð New YearsSt. Maarten - Cienfuegos£2,190
07-Jan-17Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,330
14-Jan-17Royal Clipper7Windward IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,330
21-Jan-17Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,435
28-Jan-17Royal Clipper7Windward IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,435
04-Feb-17Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,435
11-Feb-17Royal Clipper7Windward IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,435
18-Feb-17Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,435
25-Feb-17Royal Clipper7Windward IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,435
04-Mar-17Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,435
11-Mar-17Royal Clipper7Windward IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,435
11-Mar-17Star Flyer7Treasure IslandsSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,290
18-Mar-17Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,435
18-Mar-17Star Flyer7Leeward IslandsSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,290
25-Mar-17Royal Clipper14Aruba, Bonaire & CuracaoBarbados - Barbados£2,800
25-Mar-17Star Flyer7Treasure IslandsSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,290
09-Dec-17Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,470
16-Dec-17Royal Clipper7Windward IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,365
23-Dec-17Royal Clipper7Grenadine Islands Christmas CruiseBarbados - Barbados£1,470
30-Dec-17Royal Clipper7Windward Islands New Year CruiseBarbados - Barbados£1,540
06-Jan-18Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,365
13-Jan-18Royal Clipper7Windward IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,365
20-Jan-18Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,470
27-Jan-18Star Flyer14Caribbean CrossingCienfuegos - St. Maarten£2,585
27-Jan-18Royal Clipper7Windward IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,470
03-Feb-18Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,470
10-Feb-18Star Flyer7Treasure IslandsSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,325
10-Feb-18Royal Clipper7Windward Islands RendezvousBarbados - Barbados£1,470
17-Feb-18Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,470
17-Feb-18Star Flyer7Leeward IslandsSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,325
24-Feb-18Star Flyer7Treasure IslandsSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,325
24-Feb-18Royal Clipper7Windward Islands RendezvousBarbados - Barbados£1,470
03-Mar-18Star Flyer7Leeward IslandsSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,325
03-Mar-18Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,470
10-Mar-18Royal Clipper7Windward Islands RendezvousBarbados - Barbados£1,470
10-Mar-18Star Flyer7Treasure IslandsSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,325
17-Mar-18Royal Clipper7Grenadine IslandsBarbados - Barbados£1,470
17-Mar-18Star Flyer7Leeward IslandsSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,325
24-Mar-18Royal Clipper14Aruba, Bonaire & CuracaoBarbados - Barbados£2,870
24-Mar-18Star Flyer7Treasure IslandsSt. Maarten - St. Maarten£1,325
For full details on any itinerary featured above, please contact our team on 01954 232 802 or who will guide you through the details.

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More information about Caribbean Cruises

The world you’ve discovered is a Caribbean unlike the one you’ll find on a cruise ship. Just saying the name “Caribbean” calls to mind a time of treasure-laden galleons and larger-then-life characters. Pirates and heroes often embodied in the same person while explorers used the islands as a base to plunge ever further into the new world. Shipping and particularly the age of sail has left an indelible mark on the island chains and even now when forts and pirate hide-outs have been swapped for bustling towns and luxury resorts the pull of the sea can still be felt. Entering one of the many ports of call here in one of the Star Clipper fleet is an incredible experience, a rush of doing something unique while still feeling the presence of the past We explore lush, exotically beautiful islands like Dominica and St. Lucia, where jungle trails are aplenty, or launch into diving adventures in the Tobago Cays, where the reefs are a marvel of colourful marine creations so whether you’re seeking relaxation on the sand, a brush with history or to take in the remarkable natural diversity of one of the worlds few ‘Biodiversity Hotspots’ as described by the UN. The glorious sailing weather, promises you the voyage you dreamed of under full sail.

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