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Even now, Cuba is the stuff of legends. Just the name sounds and feels exotic. Few islands anywhere conspire to conjure up such a colourful, alluring conga line of stunning mental pictures.

And the best part about it is that so many of them just happen to be true as well.

Havana is an amazing city, with grand, slowly crumbling buildings that loom above a seafront alive with the sounds of merengue and salsa. Ancient, dilapidated American motor cars- many of them relics of the 1950’s- struggle to cruise along the waterfront, with giant chrome mudguards and patched up paintwork that makes them look like heavily powdered old supermodels, still trying to strut their stuff.

Cuba is synonymous with the world’s best, most beautifully crafted cigars, and with the wicked, weapons grade strength mojito, a fiery concoction of a cocktail that somehow never tastes better anywhere than right here. Makeshift, ramshackle bars spill out onto the streets, while lines of washing hang between buildings overhead, with layers of paint peeling from them in the humid, frenetic air. Come to think of it, Cuba itself is one shimmering, mesmerising cocktail of an island, only awaiting the passage of time before it explodes back onto the world stage as a major tourist destination. Perhaps it is best to go now, before that actually happens.

But Cuba’s fiery, fiercely proud soul has not been subdued by either Castro or Communism. And this gorgeous, sun drenched island nation has been gifted with some of the best beaches anywhere in the entire Caribbean. True works of art, these honey coloured swathes of blonde, languid sand are flanked by rows of idly waving date palms, and kissed by slowly rolling waves of gentle Caribbean surf. Perhaps more than anything, this is the reality of Cuba today.

And yet the nightlife echoes the vibrant, raucous days of the fifties, when nightclubs like the legendary Tropicana staged amazing, fur and feather boa floorshows with a sizzling, samba fuelled soundtrack, while rich Americans in loud shirts and panama hats downed daiquiris and poured thousands of dollars into the local economy. It was a world of cliches and yet- like all the best cliches- most of those concerning Cuba are actually true.

The Cuban people themselves are as warm and welcoming as the sun; full of fun, and happy to show you their incomparable island. Cuba is far from dead; it is simply resting between dance partners.

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